The first manifestation of the unique Halda Concept is the Space Discovery, a limited and numbered edition of 128 pieces. Complete delivered in a handmade wooden box including a steel bracelet, Velcro strap and a travel case in genuine leather. The Space Discovery features two interchangeable time modules. Each module is developed for optimum performance in its respective environment. For the mechanical module this means on earth. For the Space Module it means in space.

Appreciated in space, and now also on earth.

Precision, functionality, and reliability are critical aspects on space missions. To meet the extreme demands incurred on a mission to space, the Space Module is equipped with sophisticated technology and advanced functions such as G-Force sensors, Earth Timer, Event Log and Mis­sion Elapsed Timer – functions that makes a difference for astronaut’s research in space. The advanced technology is built into a watchcase made of an exceptionally resistant material certified by NASA, offering low weight while possessing superior strength and insulating qualities.

The Space Module has been developed in close cooperation with and tested by astronauts on the Discovery mission STS-128. The results were outstanding. Based on feedback from the astronauts after the completed space mission, the Space Module was fine-tuned to perfection. Certainly, being a space explorer is hardly a requirement for this watch, but its demonstrated suitability for the most extreme environments illustrates the non-compromising quality of the Halda Space Discovery.

Space Module
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