From Space to Race

The first modern Halda watch was optimized for space, an environment where precision, functionality, and reliability are critical aspects. The latest watch from Halda is optimized for another environment with extreme demands – racing. Its technology has been put to the test under real racing conditions before being fine-tuned, again and again, by the Halda team. The Race Pilot is based on the unique Halda Concept and features a mechanical module and an electronic – Race module.

The halda concept

The Race Pilot can either be delivered as a complete set with two modules, one electronic and one mechanical, or as a single module watch. For owners of the Space Discovery, the patented docking system of the Halda Concept allows you to complement your timepiece with Race Pilot modules.

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The mechanical engine

Explore the other member of the Race Pilot team
– the Mechanical Module and its Zenith movement.

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It keeps track. 150 of them.

Developed together with professional race drivers and engineers, the Race Module with its in-house movement provides advanced functions that truly make a difference in professional racing. The Race Pilot program in example features key information about the world’s 150 most prestigious race tracks.

FIA Formula 1 Countdown

Race Pilot is also programmed to show the driver time remaining until Formation Lap – according to the regulations of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. This warning system is developed for Race Engineers in particular but also for drivers to keep track on when the grid opens and closes and when tires should be fitted, for instance.

Sound amplifying design

When designing Halda timepieces, focus is on creating watches where design is in harmony with its function. The Race Pilot even has its own acoustic design merits. The platform of the watch is developed to create a resonance effect and to amplify the various sound levels of its alarms. This is facilitated by four openings in the platform, where instead of the sound being muted by the wrist, it lets it out.


For high strength-to-weight ratio, the case and bezel is made of Titanium and to keep the luxurious racing look, it is coated with black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon). The pushers of the Race Module are brushed stainless steel with anodized aluminum inserts.

Frequencies to match

The alarm signals are meticulously developed to be audible in loud surroundings. They have four selected frequencies between 2.5 and 8 kHz.

Calculating average speed

The Race Pilot is the first watch in the world to calculate average speed of a car on the track. To do this it uses the racetrack information programmed in its software and measures lap times with accuracy down to 1/100 of a second. To make things even more interesting, it can do this for two cars simultaneously.

Easy to use interface

We went to great lengths when developing the user interface – even though the Race Pilot is filled with advanced functions, it is easy to use without an instruction manual. It has a menu that quickly guides you through the features, and three different colored pushers allowing you to manage them with ease.

Technical data: Race Pilot version A





The case and bezel are made from Titanium and finished in black. Fastened with eight screws, the back of the case is stainless steel while push-buttons are brushed stainless steel with anodized inserts in aluminium.

Case dimension

Diameter 45 mm, thickness 17,60 mm.
Band lug width 22 mm

Case and bezel

Titanium with black DLC treatment.

Case back

Stainless Steel with a deep etching engraving on case back


Push-buttons in brushed stainless steel with anodized inserts in aluminium.


Pre-heated and selected quartz crystal

Water Resistant

Water resistant according to ISO 22810 (NIHS 92-20).
Pressure resistant to 5 atm.


The Caliber HR 2012-1 is a highly efficient electronic movement by Halda incorporating an automatic light sensor, a power save mode and a battery reserve indicator. This runs the software developed by Halda together with racing professionals – Race Pilot.

Electronic Movement Calibre

HR 2012-1


Software RP-A, RACE PILOT Version A


Low power consumption microprocessor.

Push Buttons

3 push buttons with an easy to use interface


Three-axis accelerometer measuring G-Force


Minimum lifetime 2 years


Custom designed LCD display with LED backlight.

Light sensor

Integrated automatic light sensor.


Featuring information from 150 of the world’s most popular racetracks

Race Chronograph

Measuring lap time and average speed of two cars simultaneously with accuracy down to 1/100 of a second

Countdown to race

Time remaining to next race displayed with days, hours, minutes and seconds.

FIA Formula 1 Countdown

Warning system of time remaining until Formation Lap, according to the Formula 1 regulations of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)

Dual time

Showing local time andpreferred world time as well as day, date and week Battery lifetime and software version is also visible within this function

World Timer

UTC and DST, with ability to display time and time zone of the 193 countries connected to UN.

Alarm Clock

With possibility of setting the alarm to sound once, every day or weekdays (Reveille)


24 hour timer


Three axis accelerometer measuring G-forces in three different directions.


Integrated automatic light sensor.

Alarm Signal

Case-back with a resonance system for amplified sound level and with a sound profile with frequencies between of 2,5 –8 kHz

Perpetual Calendar

Day, date, year and week indicator.

Power Save Mode

With battery reserve indicator.

Race Module Technical Data