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The history of mankind is about evolution. So is the history of watches. The story about the 21st century Halda starts with the absolute high point of the mechanical movements and adds the possibilities of the space age. But the first chapters about Halda were written long before, by Henning Hammarlund back in 1887 and his vision and refusal to do anything but the best. He would not compromise. Ever. To accomplish this he created his own rules. And so have we.

With the modern Halda we are creating a new standard where good enough is never enough. Why, for example, did we choose to make The Space Discovery the first modern Halda? Because space is still the ultimate challenge. It is the last frontier. And the frontiersman in space does not need an ornament. He needs a workhorse. Then again, what could be more beautiful than a work of art that is supremely functional?

The Halda Space Discovery redefines how we think about watches.
Wear it with the same pride that went into making it.

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Mikael Sandström, CEO Halda Watch Co.

The Halda Concept