Halda limited edition of 63 pieces soon to be unveiled

After some successful cooperations with the Nürburgring racetrack and supercar club Gran Turismo Events, we are happy to announce another exciting collaboration. This time, Halda has been chosen to design the next year’s limited edition watch of UAE car club Group 63.

Founded in late 2009 and starting off as a Mercedes-Benz AMG 63 owners club situated in Dubai, the group now welcomes members from all over the world and is based in 25 countries. Today, with its 198 000 members, Group 63 is the largest AMG club in the world.

Not by revealing too much, the Halda Trackmaster Group 63 timepiece will be a limited and numbered edition of 63 pieces. It will feature design elements such as red, black and carbon fiber as requested by the club and it will only be available to Group 63 members.

The watch will be unveiled and presented to the Group 63 car club in Dubai later this fall.

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The Halda Concept