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The Future is Interchangeable

It all began in 1887 with one man’s obsessive attention to detail. Our founder was a true perfectionist with a belief of never compromising – ever. In recent time these ideals have been revived in the Halda Concept. Essentially, it is based on a time platform and interchangeable time modules. Ultimately, it is a passionate meeting point between fine watchmaking and the eternal dream of a perfect timepiece. Each module is developed for optimal performance in its respective field and the patented locking system of the platform allows you to change between them – that is why the Halda Concept stands for functional superiority.

After years of developing the Halda Concept, we set our aim to create a watch for the most extreme environment known – space. In close cooperation with astronauts, an instrument with advanced functions evolved – the Halda Space Discovery, a watch certified by astronauts and tested in space. Our next challenge, to create the world’s first genuine racing watch, was realized in the Race Pilot – a unique racing instrument developed with race engineers and tested by Formula One drivers. Without compromising with design, function or quality the Halda Concept unites the tradition of mechanical watchmaking with the advantages of modern technology. Welcome to Halda Watch Co.

Mikael Sandström, CEO, HALDA WATCH Co.

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